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I like talking, music, broadway, and sleeping. 18. JHU.

nyc, food, and theatre are my life.

[big dreams in a big city]

Loneliness of Evening | Keke Palmer & Joe Carroll (Keke’s first show)

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Keke’s first “In My Own Little Corner”

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I give you, and don’t forget to give her back when you’re finished with her, the toast of Mayfair… Fräulein Sally Bowles!

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Andrea Goss of ‘Cabaret’ performs during 106.7 LITE FM’s Broadway in Bryant Park 2014 

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- Sally, I’m afraid this wouldn’t work out. You’re much
too distracting!

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Currently Running Broadway Musicals

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Kelli O’Hara arriving at the 68th Tony Awards.

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IN PERFORMANCE | Tony nominee Kelli O’Hara performs a cappella version of “To Build a Home” from The Bridges of Madison County.

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